Drivers of Homelessness event & report launch

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Join us June 22 for the launch of a new report on drivers of homelessness and actionable solutions in Greater Victoria.

About this event

Join local, provincial, and national experts on housing and homelessness to discuss “Drivers of Homelessness: Findings for Action” – a new report authored by the Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria (CSPC) and funded by SPARC-BC.

Speakers at this event will include

  • Esther de Vos, Executive Director of Research for BC Housing;
  • Erin Dej, Assistant Professor at Wilfred Laurier University and researcher with the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness;
  • Hannah Mang-Wooley, Tenant Legal Advocate at Together Against Poverty Society;
  • and others

“Drivers of Homelessness” answers key questions to solving the ongoing housing and homelessness crisis in Greater Victoria by addressing questions such as

  • What are the most important structural and systemic factors that contribute to homelessness?
  • How can we prevent homelessness by addressing these structural and systemic factors?
  • How does early intervention fit into a broader homelessness prevention framework?

This event will include the launch of a SPARC BC funded report that examines the drivers of homelessness in Greater Victoria through the analysis of CSPC’s homelessness prevention program The report will inform evidence-based conversations in the public and the media and support local policymakers in preventing and ending homelessness in our region.

View the full report: CSPC_Drivers of Homelessness Report_2022_R3