Food System Comeback: The local food economy post-pandemic?
Patricia Reichert
11 June 2020, 5 – 7 PM

Conversations for a One Planet Region

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This is a presentation and discussion about the changes that are possible in this region if we choose to build a local food economy based on principles of resilience and social justice.

As a local food systems specialist, Patricia Reichert is working with communities to develop place-based food infrastructure. Patricia collaborates with non-government organisations, governments, food producers, grocers, restaurants, and educators to revitalise the local food economy.

In an increasingly chaotic global context and climate change imperative Patricia believes that inaction is not an option. She is passionate about supporting community change based on values of local sovereignty, diversity, and equity. And she believes that placing local values at the centre of our food system is a core priority. Food is cultural, biological, ecological, and political and she considers the intersection of these dynamic dimensions in her research.

Through the past decade Patricia has conducted original food production research and community needs studies that are building blocks for reversing the decline of local food infrastructure. Interdisciplinary research and participatory action are the touchstones of Patricia’s professional career and academic choices.

Her understanding of climate change includes taking food and agriculture into account in climate mitigation and adaptation. She is currently a doctoral candidate in the Doctor of Social Sciences program at Royal Roads University. As part of her research she is co-facilitating Closing the Supply Gap, a regional initiative focused on building the local food economy using a values-based short supply chain model. Patricia lives on Salt Spring Island.