Our Vision

Ongoing and emergent social issues are well understood and communities have the tools they need to develop solutions to these issues.

Our Mission

The Community Social Planning Council provides reliable information and engagement processes that inform decision making across all sectors in order to support broad based social well-being. This is done by:

  • Bringing people together to address community issues

  • Conducting community-based research

  • Supporting community and regional planning processes.

Our Values

The Community Social Planning Council is a values-driven organization. Underlying its work is a shared belief:

  • In the attainability of a healthy, sustainable, just, and vibrant community

  • That accurate and accessible information is a tool for positive social change

  • That marginalized voices need to be part of social planning processes

  • In the necessity of a broad-based process of reconciliation with Indigenous communities

  • That meaningful community engagement and respect for diversity and inclusion are critical components of a socially sustainable region

  • Social policy development needs to acknowledge the critical and increasing points of connection between climate change, energy policy, and infrastructure development.