Our History

The Community Social Planning Council has been in existence since 1936 as a non-profit, non-partisan and charitable social planning society. It was then that the first social planning agency in the Victoria region was formed to address the needs of the poor.

The Council also served as the incubator for a number of well-established organizations in this region, including the United Way of Greater Victoria, Volunteer Victoria and the Bridges for Women Society.

Since its inception, the Council has responded in a variety of ways to addressing social issues, alleviating poverty and promoting social justice. Over the years the organization has reinvented itself several times to remain relevant and effective in providing social infrastructure and support. The current society was incorporated in 1966 as a registered charity.


Read a short history of the Community Social Planning Council.

Read the minutes from 1937 meeting of the Welfare Maintenance Committee of the Council of Social Agencies (our original name), which created the Community Chest, later to be renamed the United Way of Greater Victoria.

Read a great article by Jeff Bell, marking our 75th anniversary.

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