2018-2019 Board of Directors

Lee Herrin, President

Lee Herrin has lived in Victoria since moving here to attend UVic in 1989. He returned to live in Victoria permanently in 1997 after attending graduate school in Toronto. He is the Executive Director of the Fernwood Neighbourhood Resource Group Society which provides a broad range of services and supports including child care and affordable housing in the Fernwood neighbourhood. Fernwood NRG is a leading enterprising non-profit on Vancouver Island, with a subsidiary company that also operates two different neighbourhood based-businesses: a café and a hair salon. Previously, Lee worked for BC Stats as the Director of Surveys and Analysis, a cost-recovered research function that provided service across the BC Public Sector. Lee also has 20 years of experience serving on Boards of Directors including 15 years chairing organizations that he supports.

Benjamin Jones, Vice-President

Ben is currently pursuing his PhD at the Faculty of Law at the University of Victoria. His research looks at the environmental implications of international investment treaties (such as the FIPA between Canada and China ratified last week by the federal government). He is also an assistant professor at Vermont Law School, teaching distance education courses on energy law and policy and climate change adaptation, and a Senior Global Energy Fellow at the Institute for Energy and the Environment. On top of this, he does research work for Cordillera Archaeology here in Victoria; currently, he is engaged in a traditional land use study for the Tahltan First Nation in northwestern BC.  In 2013 he published a book with two colleagues on the relationship between social justice and global energy systems (Energy Security, Equality, and Justice, Routledge, 2013).

Ben has always combined his academic pursuits with a strong interest in community.  For almost five years he was the Education Coordinator for Blueberry River First Nation in northeastern BC.  In this capacity, he was the head administrator for the band school, and responsible for all education and vocational training programs on the reserve. He also represented the band on a number of joint management advisory committees with local industry (forestry and oil and gas), and took a leading role on the First Nations Education Advisory Committee for School District 60 (Peace River North).  Ben has an unusually wide experience of Canada. He grew up on Vancouver Island, did his undergraduate degree in Montreal, and later, as a commercial pilot, flew bush planes across most of northern Canada, from Ontario and Manitoba to the Northwest Territories and the Yukon. He obtained his MPhil in Environmental Policy from the University of Cambridge in the UK, and his JD from Vermont Law School in the US.

Andrew Barrett

Andrew grew up in Victoria and has worked with a number of local organizations, including the NEED Crisis Line and the City of Victoria Youth Council. For the past several years he has been living away from Victoria. He spent six months teaching/volunteering at Shree Mangal Dvip School in Kathmandu, Nepal, and then studied Philosophy, Leadership and International Development at Renaissance College at the University of New Brunswick. During his studies he had the opportunity to take part in a number of internships – including a three-month internship in Bhutan where he conducted research and provided recommendations for the foundation of a counseling program at a college, and was intrigued by Gross National Happiness research. Since returning to Victoria he has been working as a constituency assistant for Maurine Karagianis, MLA for Esquimalt-Royal Roads and as a community support worker at West Coast Human Services, a day program for people with developmental disabilities.  Andrew has served on the CSPC board since 2012.

Alfred Black

Born at Ottawa, Alfred graduated with a Math degree from Waterloo in 1973. He soon joined the Research Branch at the Nova Scotia department of Social Services where he reviewed the Mark Lalonde Orange Paper, helped establish an income-tested day care subsidy programme and was Secretary to a Homemaker Services Review. Moving to the Planning and Evaluation Division at Saskatchewan Social Services, he worked on Corrections policy and research; he also co-authored a national report on income security. After a year at Statistics Canada, 1983/4, he became Director of Research and Planning at Manitoba Community Services with interests in income security (eg GAI) and normalization of the mentally challenged. Then he joined Manitoba Energy as a Senior Policy Maker and was Director of research for the Autopac Review Commission. Recruited to the Workers Compensation Board, he established the Planning Branch, was promoted to running the 250+-person Claims Division and later served as WCB's Chief Financial and Chief Investment Officers. He was seconded to be CEO of a Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Fund ("Crocus"). He retired in 2006. During these years, and later, Alfred served on many Boards of Social Agencies in the social services, health and education spheres, often in leadership positions such as Chair and Treasurer; among other agencies he was appointed Chair of the Teachers Retirement Allowances Fund and was Chair of the CMHA's Manitoba Division; many of these jobs involved fund-raising and political contacts. He has served also on some corporate boards, such as those of Shopplex.com and PURUS and is CEO of his family investment company. In BC, he was Treasurer of the Vancouver Island School of Art and is Treasurer of the James Bay New Horizons, also serving as Vice-Chair of the past Victoria City Council's Corporate and Strategic Services Committee. Alfred lives in James Bay; his two adult daughters also live in Greater Victoria.

Jakelina Listes

Jakelina is a qualified social worker who is active in military family services, and on immigrant settlement. She is herself an immigrant from Croatia who has been active in various communities across Canada associated with her partner's military duties. She has a strong commitment to social justice issues.

Board Nominating Procedure

(from the Constitution of the Community Social Planning Council)

(A) The Nominating Committee shall present to the Board of Directors at least fourteen clear days before the Annual General Meeting, the names of members nominated to serve as Officers and members of the Board.

Any member of the Council shall be at liberty to nominate any other member to serve as an Officer or a Director provided that the name of each member so nominated, together with her/his written consent to let her/his name stand, has first been presented to the Board of Directors of the Council at least two days before the Annual General Meeting.

(B) The Nominating Committee shall present to the Board at its meeting held immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting, a list of those agencies which, in its opinion, best represent the interests of the community and from which the Board may invite representation for the following year.

2020 Board Nominations 

Elysia Glover

Elysia is a community leader with a passion for problem solving and relationship building through creativity and connection. She is currently the ED at Community Microlending Society and an Advisor at Rising Economy Taskforce and Recovery Strategy.

Emily Jackson

Emily works as a Prevention of Youth Homeless Coordinator at the Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness. 

Cameron Essler 

Cameron is a Communications and Engagement Specialist, Policy Analyst and Researcher. Cameron has over 15 years experience as a communicator with developing messaging, telling stories, creating content and amplifying brands. He is a policy analyst in Environmental and Energy Policy and an educator, lecturer, facilitator and course designer. 

Deniz Ünsal

Deniz is currently a learning experience designer at the University of Victoria. Deniz served on several boards of civil society organizations that operate in the field of museums, heritage, social history research, diversity, and citizenship.  In 2020, she has been a voluntary member of the Steering Committee of the Participatory Budgeting project of the City of Victoria and she is a board member of Kulea Culture Society.