Life Skills, Employment Readiness, and Awareness Program 

A low-barrier program to assist folks interested in establishing community connections, acquiring workplace readiness, and overcoming barriers with additional support. 

A person-centered, flexible, and individualized approach, meeting people where they are and working with them to achieve personalized goals. 


Participation in the LEAP program involves, but is not limited to the following: 

  • Working one-on-one with a life-skills support coach participants develop personal and pre-employment readiness skills. 
  • Engaging in small group sessions exploring topics around wellness and the workplace.
  • Engaging in small group sessions exploring topics around wellness and workplace protocols.
  • Opportunities to gain work experience by participating in various aspects of the delivery of the Coordinated ID Services program. 
  • Exploring specialized certification and more advanced employment programs relevant to the individualized needs and goals of the participant. 
  • Taking part in research linked to Coordinated ID Services, including survey and resource development. 

Benefits of participating in the LEAP program include: 

  • Paid involvement in the program. 
  • Opportunities to develop soft skills (time management, confidence, communication, and collaborative skills) 
  • Support for personal wellness through benefits such as recreation passes, food vouchers, and self-care resources.
  • Financial assistance for certifications and work supplies necessary for employment goals.
  • Referrals to existing pre-employment and employment programs.
  • Assistance in expanding connections within the community and employment networks. 


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For information about the LEAP program, please contact our team: 

Phone: 250-383-6166 Extension 2 

Email: leap@communitycouncil.ca