E-Bike Equity Program

Under the TACES Project, the Community Social Planning Council and District of Saanich worked together to support the development of best practices in program design, tools and evaluation metrics for climate-friendly transportation equity.

Working with local experts and drawing from existing research, the CSPC gathered and shared best practices, data sets and metrics to identify priorities and design a regionally  focused climate equity framework for transportation. 

This program led directly to the introduction of a provincial wide program based on stepped income-qualified rebates.


This Program Evaluated

  • How rebates influence the adoption of e-bikes.
  • If e-bikes replace walking, cycling, transit, personal vehicle trips, or resulting in new leisure trips (called trip substitution).
  • GHG emission reductions from trip substitution.
  • If e-bike use increased physical activity levels for personal transportation.
  • How transportation affordability impacts households.
  • Equity in program access for households of different incomes.
  • Lessons learned to share with other jurisdictions.

Contact Information

Lorenzo Magzul: lorenzo@communitycouncil.ca

Sponsors and Partners

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