Living Wage

The Living Wage is the hourly rate of pay that allows a family with two full-time wage earners, each earning the
living wage, and two young children, to enjoy an adequate quality of life.

How is The Living Wage calculated?

The Living Wage is calculated based on a model family of four, with two full-time working parents and two
young children, aged 7 (in Grade 2) and 4 (in child care). It is the hourly wage that the parents need to earn to
meet their basic expenses (including rent, child care, food, transportation and incidentals), once government
taxes, credits, deductions, and subsidies have been taken into account.
While it is more than a survival wage, it is not an affluent wage; it is lower than what is needed to obtain much
of what is considered normal in our community.


Living Wage Report 2021

Living Wage Report 2019

Living Wage Employers

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