Our Work

We are developing metrics to measure and monitor our progress towards a sustainable food system.

Good Food Summit 2020

We presented our on-going indicator development work at the Good Food Summit on December 3rd & 4th 2020.

The Regional Food System Indicator Framework

A strategy and framework that has been created to monitor progress towards reaching the outcomes and targets of the Good Food 2025 Strategy, a regional collective impact initiative. 

Food Metrics

Good Food Network

Food Bundle

Measuring the food system in BC's Capital Region

A report for the Good Food Network, Food Metrics Working Group. 

What is a Regional Food Indicator Framework?

An indicator is a statistical measure that tells us about the present state of something or about changes over time and are typically used in the evaluation and assessment of policies or programs by measuring activities and outcomes. They are designed to measure progress towards program goals and objectives that align with the mission/value/vision of an organization or program.

Strategic indicators can help us to...

  • Measure the effectiveness and efficiency of local food system initiatives;
  • Track progress towards strategic goals and targets and identify success or needs;
  • Support public education and engagement; and
  • Promote advocacy and gain traction on local food initiatives and policy.