Your annual membership is one of the ways we support the important work of undertaking forward-looking, ethically sound and unbiased community research. We have been successful achieving our goals for over 83 years, and we see a very bright future ahead of us.

Your annual membership supports programs such as the BC Transit Ticket Assistance Program and the Youth Quality Assurance Program (YPQI). It also underwrites research projects where full funding is not possible, such as the annual Living Wage calculations. This annual examination of how much it costs to live in the South Vancouver Island region is used by businesses to set their pay grids, as well for collective bargaining by local unions. and the information is used widely by our government partners as they determine policy related to poverty and income.

Our recent projects include:

  • Living Wage for Greater Victoria: An Initiative to Calculate the Annual Living Wage and Build Broader Employer Uptake
  • Ready to Work Assessment tools
  • Monitoring the Determinants of Health and Wellness in the Capital Region
  • City of Victoria: Food production on Private Lands Inventory
  • Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI)

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Investing in Community-based Research

Did you know that we are a charitable organization that receives no ongoing funding from any level of government? Membership, donations and research contracts sustain CSPC year round, enabling us to advance efforts in changing outdated systems, thinking and public policy.

The Council's voice - and your voice - is made stronger by bringing people together and working towards more just systems, re-balancing the equity equation, lifting people out of poverty, educating citizens about the enormous costs of childcare, and other important life isses. Our role as a social research and planning council is to gather facts and evidence on issues affecting residents, newcomers, seniors, youth and famlies. We work with a diverse range of partners, including government, non profit agencies, individuals, coalitions and donors to move the agenda forward on income, equality for all, resiliency, diversity and other important life issues.

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