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Innovation in Seniors Housing

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About the Initiative

Over 10 million Canadians will be entering their 'seniors' years in the next 10 years and Canada simply does not currently have the capacity to house and care for our seniors adequately – yet. Norway, Sweden and even the United States have been developing a model of community co-caring that is enviable, and completely duplicatable. And the South Island begun to do just that.

Senior Cohousing is all about caring for each other. It's not a new concept, but it does illuminate a housing concept that has never been more relevant, necessary and innovative than it is today. It is yet another way seniors can feel welcomed and accommodated in a community as they age in place. 

The Council launched the new how-to guides in October, 2016 with the help of Canadian Senior Cohousing Society and Harbourside Seniors Cohousing in Sooke.


Innovating Seniors Housing - the primer Complete Guide New Build Guide Retrofit Guide

News and Resources

Sooke Pocket News
Sooke’s best kept secret: A senior cohousing community with 31 units sets a Canadian standard
February 26, 2016  - Click here to see the article

CBC - On the Island with Gregor Craigie
Interview with Tracy Mills and Margaret Chitchlow on Cohousing
February 24, 2016 - Listen here

Sooke’s Harbourside Cohousing is going full steam ahead

February 12, 2016  - Click here to see the article



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