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- YPQI impacts lives. Bobby will show you how.

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Ever wonder what YPQI means or why it matters? Our dynamic YPQI team in Greater Victoria has made a brand new video to explain the initiative and its impact. Watch it here:

Bobby's Story gets at the very heart of YPQI -- told through the eyes of Bobby Aarsen, a gifted youth worker at Pacifica Housing.

Special kudos to Bobby, his partner Corie (another YPQI champion), and the youth at Tamarack for letting us into your world. Seeing youth learning and having fun inspires us all.

Big thanks to Tom Ross at Front Range Films for producing this stunning video, Jordan Bower for helping us craft our story, and to all our funders past and present for supporting this important initiative.

This video is dedicated to youth workers everywhere for making young people feel safe, supported, engaged, and empowered everyday.

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