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- Change is afoot at the Community Social Planning Council!

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Change is afoot at the Community Social Planning Council! Here is the announcement from our board:

"Rupert Downing, CSPC Executive Director for the last 5 years, has decided to move on from the day to day activities as the Executive Director of the Community Social Planning Council, to focus on several projects for the Council over the coming months, the development of his fair trade social enterprise, and private consulting opportunities. The Board of the Community Social Planning Council has therefore appointed Research Director Marika Albert as the Managing Director. The Board will be working with Marika and other staff to work towards strengthening our business model and community relationships. The Board is excited about what the future holds and is looking forward to working with Marika in her new leadership role and our community stakeholders and partners to build a strong Social Planning Council for the capital region. You can expect to hear from Marika, and our Community Economic Development Manager Andrew Holeton over the next few weeks.

The Board wants to thank Rupert for his work over the past five years, and wishes him the very best in all his future work with the Council and beyond.”