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Sustainable and inclusive communities creating their own social, economic and environmental futures.

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The staff and board of the the Community Social Planning Council wish you a peace and joy this holiday season.

WINTER FUNDRAISING Campaign underway

Seasons Greetings

The Community Social Planning Council just released our Winter Fundraising Campaign Goal of $30,000.

A MESSAGE from Our Executive Director and Board Chair

The Community Council is at the point of making some major investments in a better future for our community and our residents. We’ve looked at the innovations taking place in our region, and in other parts of Canada. We have identified the kinds of social infrastructure that we think is needed to respond to the challenges our residents face, from affordability and the need for sustainable livelihoods, to the supply of affordable housing. We are therefore making some bold steps to build with partners the next generation of social assets that can take our community forward.

TAPS launches a new Employment Rights Program

Hi all, here at Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) we’ve been providing free legal advocacy for people applying for income assistance, provincial disability assistance or involved in a tenancy dispute with their landlord, for over 20 years! Now we’re launching a new project which provides assistance to individuals who have a complaint under the Employment Standards Act, such as wrongful dismissal.


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