BC Transit Ticket Assistance Program

Since 1997, the Victoria Regional Transit Commission has provided free bus tickets and more recently passes to the Community Social Planning Council to distribute through social service agencies to their clients with urgent transportation needs.

The Council, through an innovative partnership with social service nonprofit agencies, developed an efficient and effective process to double the number of tickets that are distributed at no charge to people living on low income in BC’s Capital Region.

This program has grown since its inception, and supports the work of 83 local agencies as well as enhancing the lives of hundreds of citizens. Agencies purchase tickets and passes through the Community Social Planning Council. Purchased tickets are matched on a 1:1 basis with free tickets from the Transit Commission (to a maximum allotment per year.)

Participating agencies report on transit ticket usage throughout the year and participate in an annual meeting. The annual meeting provides a unique opportunity to focus on transportation needs, and gaps in the system in this region. This program has highlighted the importance of transportation to enable people to meet basic needs and to fully participate in community life.

Criteria for Participation

BC Transit has established criteria for agencies receiving free tickets and has asked the Community Social Planning Council to act as the central agency to administer this program. In order to participate in the BC Transit Ticket Assistance Program, agencies:
Have a mandate to work primarily with low income people;
Provide assurance that the tickets are being distributed free of charge to assist people with low income with urgent transport needs;
Complete the necessary Ticket Assistance Program reports and return them to the Community Social Planning Council.

Only agencies based in BC's Capital Region may participate in this program. Information provided by participating agencies is used to monitor the free distribution of bus tickets. This information contributes to a better understanding of transportation trends and needs within BC's Capital region.

*The Community Social Planning Council DOES NOT distribute BC Transit tickets or passes directly to individuals

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