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YPQI What is the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI)?

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What is the Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI)?



The Youth Program Quality Initiative (YPQI) represents the work of organizations within Greater Victoria's YPQI community to enhance the quality of their youth programming so that they can enhance the lives of young people and, ultimately, jumpstart their future success in life.
This initiative is based on the Youth Program Quality Assessment tool - a validated tool that evaluates program quality and identifies staff training needs. Through the YPQI, youth workers and programmers engage in professional development workshops to learn about best practices in supporting young people


The Benefits of the YPQI

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We know that participation in high quality out of school time (OST) programs positively influences outcomes for youth. By creating environments that best engage and include young people, the YPQI increases their health, well-being, and chance for success in life. 

YPQI is all about the cycle. Improvement is a continuous reflexive process that happens year after year.


Assessments. Skill Building. Scoring. Planning. Improving. The YPQI cycle guides organizations through a tried-and-tested process to improve the quality of their youth programs. And it works!


Coaches support organizations at each and every stage of the cycle, supporting them to identify and work towards achieving their own program goals.





Greater Victoria YPQI Coordinator: Annalea Sordi
Community Social Planning Council

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