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$1 million

Distributed to households in need through our grant and loan Rent Bank programs.



Clients have been supported in getting their identification through our ID Service.



Partner agencies and organizations in and around the region.

As we grapple with compounding issues such as unaffordability, climate change, and social injustice, the Council is committed to collaborating with stakeholders to achieve a more just and inclusive society for everyone.


The Planning Department, Sustainability Division has been collaborating closely with the Community Social Planning Council on their Transportation Access, Climate, and Economic Security (ACES) program, and has benefitted from their input on climate-friendly transportation program design. Their expertise in calculating regional living wages, administering low-income public transit programs and convening participatory research with community-based organizations makes them extremely well-placed to advance regional conversation on climate equity in transportation.” – District of Saanich/Sustainability

We support more community engagement to embed equity in climate action, particularly around transportation. We are able to bring the perspectives of immigrants, refugees, new Canadian citizens, and visible minorities into this project (with living wage honoraria). We hope to see projects like this shaping the COVID 19 recovery and encourage you to support this important work.” – VIRCS

I see the need for more engagement of diverse cultural and race perspectives in the design of climate action in transportation and consider this work to be important. Too often the perspective of low-income individuals and those from BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and immigrant refugee identities are not represented in climate action and well-intentioned program design ends up reinforcing existing inequities. I encourage you to support the Community Council in its ongoing work to bridge social and environmental perspectives on climate action with community engagement, well-informed tools and propagating best practices.” – Ruth Mojeed /The Inclusion Project

Transport equity and mobility justice are essential considerations for any transportation program, and an area of increasing focus for the public and decision-makers. This is particularly true for sustainable transportation strategies, and more focus on equity is needed in climate action plans. The transportation sector is a major contributor of global air pollutants and transport system access is a significant factor affecting household incomes and expenditures, along with considerations such as childcare and health services. I look forward to seeing the Saanich E-bike project move forward and collaborating with Saanich and the Community Social Planning Council on monitoring and evaluation.” – Alexander Bigazzi/Associate Professor @ UBC

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