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Sustainable and inclusive communities creating their own social, economic and environmental futures.

Community Social Planning Council

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Media Release: Building Resilient Neighbourhoods

The Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria, Transition Victoria and the Fraser Basin Council’s Smart Planning for Communities have come together to launch the Building Resilient Neighbourhoods Project that will lead to a pilot “model neighbourhood” of social and environmental resilience in the capital region.

Food Waste and Hunger

Give Food Get Food, is a CR-FAIR Food Access Working Group Initiative to try to divert food that would normally go to waste and redirect it to agencies who work with communities in need.

Growing New Farmers

The Growing New Farmers program is an initiative supported by Vancity that is working to get behind new growers, linking them to resources, micro loans, land, and other growers to kick start successful farm businesses.

Farmer 2 Farmer

While we work to advocate for the return of extension services, farmers are getting together to share their success and knowledge within the farm community. Farmer2Farmer is a network, and mentor pool and the Farmer2Farmer conference brings people together on the subject.

Changing the way we Eat

Changing the Way We Eat is an initiative of CR-FAIR to look at how we eat at the individual, household and community level.