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It seems like 2013 is the year for planning!

Two processes are currently underway to strengthen local food systems and food security in the region. 
  • At the CRD, the Regional Food Strategy is being developed as part of The Regional Sustainability Strategy. 
  • The development of a Collaborative Roadmap for Achieving Community Food Security in the Capital Region District. 
CRFAIR is involved working to integrate the two concurrent processes.
At the CRD, the Draft Food Strategy is going through its first round of consultation with key stakeholders and then it will then be taken out to a broader community consultation. For more information 
The Food Security Strategy Roadmap, first glimpse! What do you think?
Initiated by the Victoria Foundation, the Integral Strategy Action Group led a large group of community, academic, local government, and health practitioners through a unique mapping process where we came together to discuss the issues and opportunities related to food security in the region. What are our goals, and what do we need to do to get there? Over a series of meetings we met to review, and develop a series of maps and pathways that will be a tool that we can build on as we move forward. 
Food System image
Our goal is to help channel action and resources into a more coordinated effort. The community funders are meeting and talking about how this can help inform their work and investment efforts, and at CRFAIR we are looking at how to better align efforts and resources in the region. 
The Community Food Security Roadmap will only be as good as we make it and we are asking you for your feedback and ideas to help us identify solution based approaches. What are our regional priorities? Where should we put energy and investment? What and who needs to be involved to get things done?
Check out the Food Action Planning Workbook - for your input.
CRFAIR will be working to continue to deepen the dialogue and support collaborative action to move this forward …… so let us know your ideas. 
First Round of input closes June 15, 2013 then we will move forward with a series of action planning sessions in the fall. 
Where are you on the map?
Food System image
For more information contact Linda at
To learn more about the mapping process contact the Integral Strategy Action Group Bob Yates
The CR-FAIR Food Policy Working Group (described below) supports local governments by providing information and services related to food system based planning and policy making. 
Recent projects include:
(1) In partnership with the Community Social Planning Council, we worked to produce the Economic Development Strategy for Agriculture for the North Saanich District Council
(2) As part of the development of the Regional Growth Strategy, the CRD in shifting their framework to a Regional Sustainability Strategy is developing a stand-alone Food Strategy. We engaged regional stakeholders in the creation of the framework for Food Strategy, to learn about this work and access the Food Security Policy Options Paper see the Food Security Policy Brief.
(3) In preparation for the development of the Food Strategy CRFAIR and partners have produced a series of discussion papers that will be posted here as they are completed. They include:
Policy Discussion Paper Three: Agriculture Parks Model for the CRD
Policy Discussion Paper Four: Farm Incubators: Growing Access to Land and Mentorship for New Farmers in the CRD (will post link when finalized)
Policy Briefs that summarize the papers are below:
Policy Brief: Farm Incubators: Growing Access to Land and Mentorship for New Farmers in the CRD (will post link when finalized)
Thanks to the Environmental Law Center
Real Estate Foundation for supporting this work.
On April 13, 2010, a group of proposed members came together to discuss the establishment of a Regional Food Policy Working Group, its role, and what it might do. The group would be supported by CR-FAIR and involve the participation of a wide range of experts in the area food security, food sustainability, food production, health, law and research. The purpose of the Working Group is to bring together cross sectoral expertise tosupport local and regional governments in their role to plan and implement policy and programs related to the regional food and agriculture system.
Key Activities:
Promote a food strategy within the CRD Sustainability Planning Framework: work with CRD Senior Planning Staff to establish an engagement process and undertake the development of a regional food strategy.
Provide engagement and input in Municipal OCP processes 
Provide engagement and input into specific related planning/and policy development processes as requested (Agriculture Area Planning, VIHA Community Food Action Initiative)
Produce Policy and Planning Briefs: create, review and distribute a series of policy and planning briefs on current topics that challenge or support greater regional food sustainability. This work would draw both from existing information, or partner with groups and organizations, student research projects to undertake research on key topics.
Compile an inventory of policies and planning tools used in the region-to be made available and shared with CRD, member municipalities, non-profit agencies and food-related advisory committees.
Deliver workshops for local government, planning staff: Undertake a series of workshops to support municipal and regional planning staff augment understanding of food and agriculture issues from a planning perspective as well as highlight planning tools and models available. These workshops will look to link with accreditation from the Planning Institute of BC. 

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CR-FAIR funding support provided through:

Vancouver Foundation

United Way of Greater Victoria
Office of Community-Based Research
VIHA Financial support for this project provided by Vancouver Island Health Authority's "Community Food Action Initiative" through ActNow BC - the government of BC’s investment in promoting healthy choices through a partnership-based, community-focused approach to improve nutrition, increase physical activity & reduce tobacco use.